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Post  Match_ on Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:19 pm

You live a happy life. You're a very blessed girl.Nice house, great school, great parents who trust you with everything, and an amazing best friend. Well this best friend of yours is special, you met him on the first day of preschool when he hit the little boy who stole your purple crayon. Since that moment you two are inseparable. In second grade he gave you your first kiss, and as you got older he was always the one to give your boyfriends the "hurt her and I'll kick your a*s" talk. As you've gotten older though, you've noticed how you feel about him has....changed. He's not only your best friend, but he makes butterflies fly in your tummy, and your heart skip a beat. Could this possibly Well now you're 17, and this feeling has been holed up in your tummy for a long time. All your friends, and his friends, are pressuring you into a relationship. They say you two are the cutest couple to ever hit this earth. Your best friend denies it with a laugh, is it possible that he feels the same about you two? Yes, very possible. But you don't know that part. Will you always keep this lie close to your heart, or will you give love a chance to bloom?

must be descriptive & active :]

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